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Lot & Garonne, Lands Of Guyenne, Gascony, & Albret Places of Interest

Front Park@ Le Grand Bois

5th February 2012

Very Rare Snow Fall in the Lot et Garonne

& in recent days the

temperatures have fallen to a very chilly -17 C

Miramont De Guyenne

"Bastid'Art" Festival

On the first weekend of August Miramont De Guyenne Sprung into life for these three days of live music, great shows of street art where the whole village turns out to party, the days are filled with various events from professional street artists of all kinds to theatres & although festival only lasts for three days, it really marks the height of summer in Miramont with live music at the bar-cafes on many evenings throughout August & September.

Once again having returned from the final evening of the Bastid'Art last year, I can only say how fantastic the night was, for a small place that Miramont De Guyenne is, it really has a great atmosphere. If anyone wants a different reason beyond the norm for visiting this wonderful part of France The Bastid'Art Festival has got to be it. It has something for all, so book early for this years Bastid'Art Festival & don't miss out.


International Grass-Track Night

Sunday, August 14th 2011 at Miramont de Guyenne, on the Bouilhaguet Raceway track International Grass-Track Night. Was very well attended, with people traveling from all over France, & beyond for the days racing, also a lot of interest was shown by the Dutch, many who travelled here for the event.


Horse Racing

On Monday, (Public Holiday) August 15, 2011 Horse Racing in the form of flat racing came to the Bouilhaguet Raceway in Miramont de Guyenne, the first race started at 14h00. As expected this was a great day-out in Miramont de Guyenne's sporting calender. With old & young getting in to the spirit of things & it seems a good time was had by all.


Agricultural Shows

All around the region there are agricultural shows in Spring, Summer & Autumn, from small village shows where there may only be 20 tractors, to large events like the one held in a small town a few miles away every second year, which recently attracted 1500 old tractors & agricultural vehicles. The Lanz Bulldog, left turned up at a tiny village show, for those who do not really know their tractors, the Lanz Bulldog is almost the Holy Grail of the old tractor world. The small MAN 4WD behind it was really nice, and in very good order too. Any ideas what the Lanz is, or might be worth?


The Sunflower Fields

There are so many fields of the most beautiful Sun Flowers all around the area of The Retreat @ Le Grand Bois & the Lot & Garonne at the moment. I saw this field a few weeks ago in morning & just had to go back with the camera in the afternoon & take some photos of them.

As you came over the hill from within the previous valley, you were almost dazzled by the golden shimmer of the strong sunlight being reflected off of them, they were just simply stunning !

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