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Le Tour De France 2017

The "2017 Tour de France" will be passing through our little bit of the Sunny South West France; Miramont de Guyenne, skirting the centre of the Ville, from EYMET on its way to PAU on the 10th Stage of the years & World's Premier Cycle Race, a gruelling 200+ Km run !

We will only have our very limited, high quality bedroom space available (3 or 4 bedrooms) within our home & B&B;

We have plenty of space in the Front Park & Rear Gardens, as well as front & rear covered terraces, with plenty of parking available on site, almost 5-1/2 Acres of Park & Gardens use of our large 13 x 6 metre pool,

Special rates for this Tour de France week's holiday, for you, your family, &, or your friends, one of this years great vacation breaks, at "The Retreat @ Le Grand Bois" in Miramont de Guyenne.

"The Retreat @ Le Grand Bois" is on the way to Bergerac (where flights are readily available from the UK, Germany & many other European departure points). This is excluding Bordeaux Airport (1.30 hrs away) where 100's of domestic, European & international flights arrive & depart

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